Jim Volk        Progressive Roots


Jim Volk's masterful yet whimsical performances have spellbound audiences of all age groups and backgrounds for three decades. His fiery, melodic hybrid style of picking has incurred countless comparisons to Kottke, Keaggy and Tommy E. His solo release, “Blue Wheels…and Other Guitar Favorites” has drawn much critical acclaim and award nationwide.

The 2018 edition of the Album "Past Atmospheres Present States" is still available! Many more tunes,remastered vocal pieces from the long out of print "Blue Wheels...and Other Guitar Favorites". The 2019 album "Clear and Present Future" is soon forthcoming.

Volk artfully incorporates traditional fingerstyle and electric guitar techniques and devises for a truly “Modern Acoustic” presentation while keeping the traditional essence intact.

Jim Volk’s critically acclaimed and award winning solo guitar work draws from traditional and contemporary styles around the world. More like a bird's eye journey of the world of music rather than focusing on one specific style. He will go from the 16th century to '70s rock then swing it Like Chet meets Django within a measure; and oh the fun listeners have trying to count the number of themes he has woven into that 10 minute medley. And of course, plenty of of classic favorites that span a few decades and as well as delightfully quirky moments of musical entertainment. 

Short Attention Span Guitar Theater” ?! and yes, Volk sings.

Jim conducts guitar clinics as well as individual classes and workshops all around Ohio and...?


Jim plays with an urgency that astounds.” San Antonio Action

One of the best three guitarists I’ve heard all year.”  Will Ackerman, Founder of Windham Hill Records

Jim Volk is a Modern Acoustic master.   Dayton Impact Weekly

“ …communicates the purity of a masterful guitarist whose thoughtful melodies make audible a new approach to guitar music. Beyond its shear lucid intensity, Volk's playing is hauntingly captivating, remarkable, and brilliantly crafted.”

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